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NPS ALMUNI CLUB One thing that always came to mind when we think of our school days is “time never come back” Memories, good or bad of our school times , we always cherish our preprations for National Festivals, programs of annual days , skiping classes for rallies, etc are few of such events our childhood memories are full of but most of all we remember the angry rebuke of Bhare Sir for our good.

We know time never come back but atleast we can try to recall all these moments by reconnecting ourself with our school and schoolmates .Register yourself to Almuni club by filling the form ,you can either print this form and submit the filled form in the school premises or can fill it online from below

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You are seeking membership of this prestigious institution, thus you will have to take care of the following instructions :
You will abide by the rules and regulations of the club
You shall remain loyal to Alma Mater and the club